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Exhibition Marketing: Visitors Promotion Campaign


















A dedicated international and regional marketing campaign using the direct invites through personal calling, the key Industry publications, street signage, targeted visitor mail outs, newsletters Website and press-conferences is launched to promote  trade visitors throughout the target  region:

  • Personalized invitation & follow up call to 20,000 target visitors all over India & APAC region starting three months prior to the exhibition

  • 20,000 Complimentary visitor Invitations and 5,000 VIP Invitations will be mailed directly to trade visitors from the region.

  • Pre-show and Post show coverage in the official trade journals.

  • Editorials and advertisements in the local, regional and international trade magazines to promote Expo

  • Tie up & barters with trade associations & events/magazines/online portals

  • Posters and billboard advertising

  • TV & Radio campaigns.

  • EXPO show updates direct mail to potential visitors and delegates Marketing through trade representation offices.

  • Announcing the exhibition locally through chambers of commerce & other relevant associations

  • Targeting international exhibitors through our agents in foreign countries China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & Middle East

  • Put Ads in international newspapers and specialized foreign magazines.

  • Send more than 25000 invitations for the interested visitors in the field of the exhibitions dealers, distributors, and so on

  • Invitations to be delivered personally to decision makers, Govt officials, consultants, businessmen, specialists and managers in charge from end user industries to visit the exhibition.

  • Over 50000 invitations to be mailed through the post offices to target audience to visit the exhibition.

















Trainings & Conferences



















With a vision of sharing knowledge and wisdom on better water, wastewater, sanitation & solid waste management to attain sustainability, the EITC Conferences & Trainings have been successful in providing a multi-dimensional platform that brings together policy developers, scientists, consultants, environmentalists, researchers, NGO's, indigenous and community organizations and business and industry representatives from around the world. The aim is to share knowledge, learn from others and collaborate on innovative ideas to improve the overall environment.

Advantages of EITC Training Workshops 

  • Learning tailored to industrial & Corporate needs, goals and strategies

  • As the world’s leading professional body; we guarantee that our trainers will deliver short term education programs & courses to the highest possible standards

  • Class Room Trainings integrated with Practical ‘ON THE JOB’ experience

  • Training Modules for week, one month & six month courses. Both Online & offline courses available

  • Special Residential Training Programms for International Students with all the facilities

  • An environment to discuss competitive issues and challenges 

  • Training material in Hard as well as soft copy

  • Participation Certificate to delegates duly signed by Training Institute & Faculty


Lead Generation for your Business









Lead generation is the process of attracting leads (your potential customers) with the hope of nurturing them throughout the buying process to help convince them about your offerings and then convert them into a paying customer.

The strategies used to generate these contacts are put in place by our marketing experts to ensure that your leads are quality and worth nurturing for the future. Lead generation is all about building trust with your audience and educating them about your industry and offerings along the way.






















E MAIL Marketing: How Does it work:

1.    Prepare email lists

2.    Identify/define message to be communicated

3.    Design email – provided by client

4.    Blast email

5.    Analysis and reporting

6.    Diligent follow ups

SMS/WhatsApp Marketing: How Does it work:

1.    Prepare mobile number’s list

2.    Identify/define message to be communicated

3.    Design SMS/WhatsApp message– provided by client

4.    Blast message

5.    Analysis and reporting Indian Fashions

6.    Diligent follow ups

Tele-Marketing: How Does it work:

1.    Prepare the database of all target customers with contact details of decision makers

2.    Identify/preparing the script of the call

3.    Design email message to support – provided by client

4.    Making calls & taking follow ups

5.    Maintaining records & feedback

6.    Blast emailers

7.    Generating leads/appointments

8.    Diligent follow ups, IP camera

9.    Validating leads by supervisor

10.    Passing on leads to sales team of the client

11.    Analysis and reporting

Webinars: How Does it work:

1.    Identify topic

2.    Select credible trainer/speaker

3.    Prepare email lists

4.    Execute marketing to target database 

5.    Incentivize visitors by providing GIFTS etc 

6.    Populate webinar site with digital assets

7.    Have capture mechanism on website

8.    Execute “webinar”

9.    Analysis and reporting

10. Diligent follow ups

Customized Seminar

Understanding your business requirements and product applications, EITC would ensure that the key decision-makers and the right audience are present for such a programme. We would take care of all pre-event and post-event requirements. Our organizing services would include these aspects:

  1. Planning of the Event – We can suggest you various venue options, negotiate and finalize the bookings for you. We get the best corporate discount from three to four star hotels as we keep on doing lot of trainings & conferences in all over India.

  2. Finalization of Target Audience – We would mine our extensive database to identify potential invitees. Your team can also add / suggest names so that the target invitee list can be finalized atleast three weeks before the programme. The key decision-maker for your product range would be identified by our team & shared with you to finalize the list of invitees.

  3. “Invite” Activity -  A direct mailer invite, emailer and a telephonic invitation would be extended by our team. They would also remind each of the invitees a day before the programme. It has been our experience in the past, that such a repeated follow-up is needed to ensure a quality audience

  4. Site Management – Our team would manage the Reception Counter at the venue, as well as the audio-visual and site management with the venue. We can also manage the compering of the programme and other nitty-gritties, so that your team can best utilize their time networking with the select audience.

  5. Post-Event Wrap-up – We would provide you a complete list of all the attending delegates, along with their contact details. We’ll also provide you details of other “right” audience who may have been unable to come due to unavoidable circumstances.

We’ll also send a thank-you note to all the audience and keep them in good humour.

One-on-One Business Appointments

B2B meetings


















To arrange 15-20 one-on-one Business appointments for all Companies participating in any exhibition/international Trade Mission/ Business Delegation 

  1. Work with the Companies closely in identifying potential Indian companies/Govt officials/corporates/dealers/distributers etc as per the client's requirement (For example, sales representative, agents or distributors, licensing partners, joint venture partners etc.)


  2. Pre-screen the companies by talking to them and confirm their interest.


  3. Once the target companies/organizations are reviewed by Company representative and approved, our team would follow up with the meeting request.


  4. To confirm the individual appointments.


  5. To prepare the final schedule of meetings.


  6. To execute the final meetings.


EITC Advantage – Integrated Community Engagement supported by experienced marketing specialists, extensive knowledge & databank of technologies, solution providers, dealer/distributor network, OEMs, Government & consultants in field of Water & Environment.

For More Details, Call @ +91-8287353778/ 9899867897, Email:

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